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ASTEROID SIMULATOR {click or tap to dismiss}
Accurate orbits of 2135 asteroids are shown.
Colors indicate how much larger (shades of red)
or smaller (shades of blue) the asteroid diameters
estimated by Myhrvold 2016 are than those
estimated by NEOWISE 2011.
Red: >100% larger
Light shades of red: 10% to 100% larger
Light shades of blue: 10% to 50% smaller
Blue: >50% smaller
Rotate: left click + drag, or touch + drag
Pan: right click + drag, or 3-finger drag
Zoom: scroll wheel, middle click + drag, or pinch
Fullscreen: press f
Visualization by: W. Wayt Gibbs, Intellectual Ventures
using code by Ian Webster and Planetary Resources